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Yoga & Meditation Instructor


Certified Psychotherapist


Certified Transformational Coach


Intuitive Guidance


I will assist you in raising your vibrations to have more consciousness, to develop your spiritual mind, and to clear away your limiting beliefs. Then, you can take new steps forward into your life.

To accomplish this, I listen carefully and take the time necessary to understand your personal goals and aspirations. I use different tools and techniques to help you reach your authentic purpose in life. 

One of the tools I use is feeling and sensing nuances energies to assist you in dissolving your inherited cell memories.

My commitment is to the belief that YOU can change what you want. And ultimately get what you truly want.

If you are someone who has the commitment to yourself, by choosing to transform your way of life, then we will make a perfect team.

Energetic work with Laurence Luye-Tanet
Coaching with Laurence Luye-Tanet

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