Release all the negative energies from your living space


Every space, wether private or professional  carries old energetic memories. 


I work by remote to clear your private or professional place. 



Release your house from negative energies

All these negative energies can manifest by a feeling of discomfort, of unbalance, with some blocages in your life, a difficulty to sell your house, some strange manifestations... 


What I do is not just a space clearing. I work at the root of the issue. I clean the energies and memories of the "walls" and of the places (History's memories) when needed. Then to close the work, I harmonize and balance the place. 

Harmony and Balance in your house



All these negative energies impact your well-being and your life. 


I have this gift to see/feel these memories and to be able to clean them at a deep level.


I exclusively work remotly with photos. 

Harmony and balance for your house

Energetic clearing for your office
Mémoire des murs des personnes et des lieux livres
My book about releasing memories for houses, places and persons

Business and professional area


I also work for business places (offices, restaurant, shops...) in the same way. 


2 options for your business :


  • Cleaning and releasing negatives energies
  • Counselling to optimize your space in an energetic way. 
Release negative memories from your professional space

What you need to know about my work - I work every day for 3 days, then according to the needs and the "stitching" I do at the "acupuncture" level in the invisible - usually it takes 8 to 10 days for the work to be completed (I check every day) Sometimes, it could take 3 weeks until the work is completed. 


It is a fundamental work, on several levels that I proceed.


How does it work ? First, we meet by What'sApp or Zoom - If we are ok for the work, I will say you the pictures you need to send me. Then with the pictures, I will verify that I am able and allowed to do the work and if so I tell you and we can begin the process. 

Please notice that every work is payed in advance. 


Some clients testimonies for clearing houses

For example, a customer in Paris could not sell his apartment and did not feel well. There had been two suicides several years before. After my work, not only she, but also her husband who was skeptical felt the difference. She sold her apartment very quickly after my intervention.


"I’ve called on Laurence, whom I’ve known for several years, for training with her. I did not feel well in my house acquired 6 years ago, especially in our room and in the cellar. What I felt was indefinable and it was several times that I spoke of my impressions to my husband who was skeptical. Two months ago, when I came home feeling particularly bad, it was my husband himself who asked me to call Laurence. Laurence worked on the house: there were many souls who were there and who created a heavy atmosphere, there was also a family furniture that I carry with me during all my moves and that was in the cellar. Laurence told me she had work to clean it up.

Since then, when I come home, I feel good. I managed to set up the salon in a satisfactory way, which I had not been able to do before. In confirmation of this change, our son, who is a student and comes home from time to time, walked through the door right after Laurence’s work, spontaneously saying, "We feel really good in the house!" He had not been informed of our approach. I warmly recommend Laurence and her powerful mediumistic gifts." Sylvie (41)


"I have repeatedly used the services of Laurence Luye-Tanet to evacuate the negative waves in various places, my home but also that of my mother. I didn’t feel good at home, I felt presences, I saw things (kind of black fumes passing, noises too (my son had heard the same noise: the sound of the doorknob when we were alone and nobody was there)—I’ve been thinking about unloading my house for some time, and it’s been obvious to do that.

My son also feels things and has felt the results. After Laurence’s work (which I hadn’t told my 12-year-old son), he told me when he came back to our house: "It’s funny, Mom, I think the house has changed, the ceilings are higher, the brightness is different"—the atmosphere was different and he felt it.

Laurence was able to explain to me what was wrong and it was completely consistent with the history of our house (which was a stable in the last century) that I had not told her before.

At my mother’s, it was the same, we felt bad, suffocating, a heavy atmosphere. After the work, my sister (this time) said to me: "it’s not so bad here actually", but the work had just ended.

We clearly see the change. Laurence is attentive and excels in her work. I highly recommend it if you also don’t feel good at home, if you feel negative vibes, talk to her.

I think when I get my next acquisition, I’ll bring Laurence in before I move in to clear the memory of the place. See you soon - Valentine" Paris and Paris region.


"I called on the skills of Laurence Luyé-Tanet on the advice of an acquaintance who greatly appreciates her work. I have lived in Paris for a long time and I am used to living in heights and surrounded. However, after my last move, I did not feel very good in this place. I felt from time to time, at night, as one or more presences. I did not feel at home. I couldn’t sit there and relax, like the building wasn’t touching the ground.

As a result of Laurence’s quick intervention, during my vacation, my companion and I felt a completely different energy in the place. I felt like an energetic mesh under my feet, as if a new balanced vibratory structure had been installed. Finally, I felt like I was sitting on the ground, like on the earth. My companion, however, told me of his impression of greater clarity. Thanks Laurence." Julie - Paris area.


"We moved to a new home in July 2017. We recovered a family closet with a large mirror that belonged to my grandmother. Our daughter had nightmares every night and had a hard time falling asleep because she said there was "her nightmares". We made the decision to intervene the day she told us she saw blood on the walls... My spouse also felt something very bad when he stood in front of the mirror.

We called Laurence. Communication was very easy. Laurence works remotely. We sent her pictures of the wardrobe and the house. Soon, our daughter had no more nightmares and stopped being afraid to go to bed. We felt the atmosphere much lighter in our house.

Laurence has done an amazing job. We are so relieved for our daughter and also thrilled to be able to keep this family item. Thank you Laurence." Audrey (37)


"Laurence intervened remotely for my apartment in Paris. I felt bad. After his intervention, not only did I feel better, but the apartment seemed clearer and bigger. Even friends found that the atmosphere was different." Annick B. - Paris


"Laurence intervened for my house in Auvergne. I had certain manifestations, smells... I had already brought in people, but without success. After Laurence’s intervention, everything went well and I feel great in my house. The unpleasant smells have disappeared. Many thanks to you Laurence." S - 63


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