Tap into a higher version of yourself

Let your spiritual genious lead you in this original intuitive session

I've always loved pictures and the Tarot cards are doors opened on the langage of the Universe. I don't use them traditionaly, I use them on my unique way. And my unique way is that the Universe is whispering to me informations about what is important for you to know as you can have an intuitive guidance that inspires you for your life.


In my consultation I make a deep dive in all the 12 important places governing your life, so you can have an entire analysis and I give you the relation between each sector. Each time, a more "heavy" energy is showing up, I look closer to give you informations as you could manage it easily.

Nothing is determined in your life and you always can manage these energies, because if not, you would not be here.

  • Special session for your birthday
  • Session at the beginning of the year
  • Session whenever you need more clarity about your purpose, a decision...


Every session is recording and I send you the mp3 as you could re-listen the session.

I have 2 ways for working : directly on an online session with you or you just explain me what you need on a what's app previous short meeting and I work by myside, recording you the session.

Individual sessions online


I have access to the quantic field and my special gift allows me to tap into the precise point of your energetic structure (unconscious, subconscious) to unlock the limiting believes you have that avoid you from living the life of your dreams.

I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of people in this energetic (quantic) field. I've discovered that it is a personal event, a transgenerational family pattern, a karmic memory that we need to release. I help you reconnect with this point energetically to shift your perception and liberate a new model of energy to implement in your life.

It's a powerful session that can help you to empower your life.

I give you the pieces of information I read in your energetic fields, without interpretation, and you connect like a puzzle.

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