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This work is from a Sacred Space I hold for you to reconnect with the Sacred Place within you.

 I have access to the quantic field and my special gift allows me to tap into the precise point of your energetic structure (unconscious, subconscious) to unlock the limiting believes you have that avoid you from living the life of your dreams.

I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of people in this energetic (quantic) field. I've discovered that it is a personal event, a transgenerational family pattern, a karmic memory that we need to release. I help you reconnect with this point energetically to shift your perception and liberate a new model of energy to implement in your life.

It's a powerful session that can help you to empower your life.

I give you the pieces of information I read in your energetic fields, without interpretation, and you connect like a puzzle.

Some testimonies for BMS session

"I'm gratefully thankful for the conversation with  Laurence. She listen to my story and propose immediate help. Just in 30min using her well known trauma releasing techniques combined with her personal gift, extra sensitivity to the energies ,Laurence clear cancer trauma in me ,following with a couple of personal sadness attachments from my mom's life. I felt energies so strong . Laurence you definitely accelerate my recovery process. I'm happy to open doors widely to fully enjoy my new life. Thank you God , and  no matter how much you did for me, you expressed  even more love towards me  and send me Laurence.  Thanking you Laurence again . Great service for humanity. Blessings . " - Ausra, Dublin, professional certified Life Coach


"My first memory was of myself as a two-year old toddler. As the situation evolved, I developed extreme feelings of unworthiness and feeling unsafe and unwanted. These disempowered thoughts and feelings set my life up for trauma after trauma for almost ALL the rest of my life, drawing to me all sorts of undesirable situations and events. In 1995, after having been in the Oklahoma City Bombing, I sought professional help through a highly trained therapist who specialized in trauma. I worked with her every wekk for over ten years. I also sought professional help through other venues and professionals, however, despite all this counseling, I still struggled with serious issues and an undercurrent of shame and unworthiness. I realized there 'must be something that I was doing to attract all these unsavory situations' and I was determined to get to the core of the problem and rid myself of this inclination of self-sabotage. I finally saw that I could not clear myself of these problems : I needed help.
I met Laurence Luye-Tanet a few years ago, and recently began working with her. The conditions that had plagues me for almost a lifetime, Laurence cleared in ONE session ! She cleared the ROOT of the excruciating problems wich had affected every aspect of my life, from my financial woes to my non-existent love life and everything in between.
I now feel free to create a life I love living. I have overflowing love for myself and even more love and compassion to share with others. This was not true prior to working with Laurence. I deeply appreciate the caring, compassionate and professional way of her being that I experienced in her treatment. She is a highly skilled, and artful master of energetic healing and transformation. Laurence drastically shifted the way I am being and I will be forever grateful." Mondy P- Houston - Texas - Certified  Professional Life Coach, Bold Life Works.

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