What if you could live the life you really love living?

Do you live your life by design or by default?


Do you repel your longings?


Do you want to have more joy, more fullfilment in your life?


Do you want to change your life and get the Life you’d love living?



If your answer is YES!

Let’s take an apointment with me for a free Strategy Session

What is the dreambuilder coaching?

It’s a transformational journey for whose who want to increase their life and live the life they really love living.


It’s a transformational process where you are personally coached by me that allows you to shift your paradigms (limiting believes) into new paradigms according to the dreams you have.


Formée à la psychothérapie jungienne analytique et corporelle, j'ai exercé pendant 22 ans cette approche. Aujourd'hui, ce sont les ressources de l'individu qui m'intéressent et je m'appuie sur la psychologie positive et spirituelle dans le processus de transformation. Voir Parcours et formations

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